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Aloha Friends,

These last two years have been unlike anything we could have imagined. It was as if time stopped with COVID, and we found ourselves appreciating and focusing on what is most important – our health, taking care of loved ones, and supporting our friends and neighbors in need. 

COVID reminded me clearly that I didn’t need a title to help people. Since the start of the pandemic, I’ve spent my time delivering meals to seniors, packing and distributing food baskets that help farmers and struggling families, and working with organizations from Waimanalo to Kahuku to keep people in their homes.  And, I’ve taken the lead in tracking the billions of federal dollars coming to Hawaii to help ensure it gets to those who need it most.  

All of this further strengthened my resolve and desire to return to elected office.  Right now, we need government leaders who understand the struggles and hopes of our families, to then navigate and get things done.   With my years of experience in government, as well as on the frontlines making things better in our communities, I believe I am that leader.  

I am a mom of two and an aunty to many, and my real fear – one we all share –  we are pricing our families out of Hawaii.  We work hard to provide opportunities for our kids, for our families and for the next generation.  Yet for many of us, it’s a real struggle to live and thrive here.   

I want to build on the work I have been doing in and out of office:

  • Increasing access to preschool for all our keiki, and prioritizing support for young children and their families for food, shelter and health care services
  • Developing viable career pathways, beginning in high school for a strong workforce with a focus on knowledge sectors of IT, Data Analysis, and Cybersecurity for a more resilient Hawaii economy

This isn’t going to be an easy race and we’ve got a lot of work ahead; I truly mean it when I say we can’t do this alone. As we kickoff our race to 2022, I would be humbled and honored to have your support.  

We need all hands on deck to move our message to action – helping families and communities not just survive, but thrive, and I’m ready to step up and do it.   

The time for action is now. Thank you for standing with me.

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